Put my twenty-plus years of children’s book editing experience to work for you!

I assist writers develop their fiction and non-fiction manuscripts from initial concept through to polished, marketplace-ready work. I have edited many published, award-winning authors, including Nikki Grimes, Gerald and Loretta Hausman, Johanna Hurwitz, Milton Meltzer, Andrea Davis Pinkney, April Pulley Sayre, and many more. The publishers I have worked for, both on staff and as a consulting editor, include Dial Books, Dorling Kindersley, Morrow Junior Books, Orchard Books, and Nickelodeon/Simon & Schuster.

My purpose is to assist you in the creating your best work whether it’s a novel, novella, short story/story collection, picture book, or memoir. Since I write as well as edit books for children and young adults, I understand the heart, soul, and commitment it takes to create and bring one’s writing into the world. We’ll look together at what is strong in your writing, as well as what needs further development.

How I work: I will read your project through at least twice. On the first pass, I will experience your manuscript as a reader would, listening to your writer’s voice and getting an overarching sense of the work. On the second pass, I will be examining all aspects of the project, from voice, plot, pacing, characterizations, and style (if it’s fiction), to presentation of subject matter, structure, and style (if it’s non-fiction). I will make line-by-line editorial notes using Track Changes.

After the second pass, I will send you an in-depth report detailing the project’s strengths and weaknesses, and recommendations for how to approach revisions. You will receive professional, courteous, and honest feedback. I offer one phone call to discuss the report, and am open to several rounds of email communication if you wish to discuss any aspect of your book in greater depth.

I’m excited to hear what you are working on, and to see if we’re a good editorial match!


“I can’t thank you enough for all the amazing feedback you provided…the manuscript is really in much better shape now than when we started!”

A.C., Senior Editor, Simon & Schuster

“In my twenty-plus years as an author and publishing professional, Ellen Dreyer is one of the most gifted editors I’ve ever worked with. She is the rarest of creatures: an editor who can address the macro and micro issues of a manuscript with equal skill and sensitivity. Ellen has the ability to see to the heart of a book, and to help writers bring forth their best.”

Kris Waldherr, author of Doomed Queens (Broadway/Doubleday Books), The Book of Goddesses and The Lover’s Path (Abrams Books)

“Once I decided to self publish my debut novel, I knew I had to choose an excellent editor to help make it the very best it could be. Thank goodness
I heard about Ellen’s experience through the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. She was a dream to work with. She asked the
hard questions, and she pointed out scenes, descriptions, and characters that could use more development. With Ellen’s invaluable help, I was able to publish a historical fiction novel of which I’m very proud.”
Nancy Herman, author of All We Left Behind: Virginia Reed and the Donner Party www.followingthedonnerparty.com

“I recommend Ellen Dreyer’s services to anyone looking for informed, thoughtful editorial commentary.

Ellen understands fiction. Her summary comments, while encouraging, directed me to a critical shortcoming in my writing. After reviewing her comments, writing seemed simpler. When it came to certain aspects of character development, I was consistently missing the mark. Ellen pinpointed that for me.

By comparison, prior comments from readers and editors now sound like blind men describing an elephant. Most of my writing seemed to work, but no one could quite describe what did not. I learned more from Ellen’s review than from many other sources combined.

Ellen’s detailed commentary is equally compelling. The page-by-page comments have substance and relate directly to Ellen’s overall view of the work. Her summary and details reinforce each other.

Speaking with Ellen is a pleasure, because she is willing to explore ideas. She takes a positive tone. She gives specific direction. Beyond being a capable editor, Ellen is a good coach.

For me, continuing to work with Ellen is one more reason to write. Please feel free to contact me for more information.”

Michael Megliola,  Portsmouth, NH  michael.megliola@gmail.com

“With pleasant yet constructive comments, Ellen was able to help me shape my story into something I am proud to give people to read. She is a total professional with fast turnarounds. Authors working with Ellen can be confident in the result of their project.”

Amy Alessio 
Co-Author, A Year of Programs for Teens 2
Author of the Alana O’Neill E-book short mysteries at http://www.amazon.com
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“I had worked on my book, Be Little, for many years; I didn’t want
‘just anyone’ critiquing it. I consulted a dear editor friend who
recommended Ellen Dreyer. I trust my friend implicitly and knew then
and there Ellen must be good. I was right! She is a meticulous line
editor and responds quickly and courteously to your needs. She has
clever ideas and will take your story to the next level.”

Chris Karim, author of Be Little and Shoo Fly, Please Bother Me.

“Ellen Dreyer has the perception and skill to see and draw out the writer’s vision for their story, and to guide them toward a clearer articulation of their vision. As a writer, I value her willingness to hang in there with me as a coach who knows all aspects of the game.”

Molly Jones mollyjonesbooks.com

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