The writing process, like any other craft, can bring us up against roadblocks. Sometimes it’s difficult to get started, or to jog oneself out of a murky middle, or to bring a written work to completion.  

Because I’m a writer, I understand firsthand the challenges of the writing life. As a coach, I have developed a range of methods to  assist you in identifying where you get stuck and to help you find your way forward.

I’ve coached many, many writers and have helped all of them achieve their writing goals. I would love to help you reach yours.

Your first half-hour session is complimentary.  It will allow me to better understand the issues you are encountering, and help us both get a sense of whether we’re a good “fit.”

At subsequent sessions, we’ll discuss in greater detail where you are in your process , and focus on everything from the demands of your particular project(s), to how to create a designated writing space and time, to tools for working through writer’s block.

If you want to achieve your writing goals, contact me for more information about coaching services and rates.

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